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New Technologies at Kargoist

New Technologies at Kargoist

Today, inefficient businesses are losing ground. The logistics sector is also one of the most responsible sectors in terms of efficiency. As a matter of fact, any disruption that will occur during the transportation of a product will be reflected as a bad grade to both the logistics company and the selling business.

In addition, 98 percent of supply chain managers expect development to increase efficiency in existing technological opportunities. On top of that, 88 percent of shippers want a special representative who can understand their needs, and 83 percent of them want technological developments to provide solutions to their problems.

As Kargoist, we are a company that plans efficiency from the first day, based on the feedback we have received from the meetings we have had with different companies from different sectors. We have developed our own programs in the field of storage, routing and distribution with our R&D team located in the valley of informatics. We are working on warehousing to provide end-to-end service, and our biggest goal is to establish fullfillment centers and provide warehousing services to the companies we work with in the field of e-commerce. With our sorter system currently operating on the European side, our package processing capacity has quadrupled, and we will continue to increase our capacity by establishing the same system on the Anatolian side in the near future.

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