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We Won TheHearts Of Our Customers With 1 Million ShipmentsOn Time!

We Won TheHearts Of Our Customers With 1 Million ShipmentsOn Time!

We think that being a successfulcargo service requiresfastandsafedelivery.The service we want to offer to our customers as Kargoist is based on these two principles andwe always stick by the promises we made on this road that we started off by saying “faster and safer”.

We find solutions to the problem of cargo transportation during busy working days, which create a crisis in the sector and become one of the biggest problems of the brands, with our services such as delivery within 24 hours and same day delivery, and we make our customers happy.

With the confidence we provide in undamaged and fast delivery, we have become the choice of industry’s leading brands such as Zara, Gap, and Ikea. We continue to serve with our growing and developing team by closely following the latest technological developments in the sector.

We are happy and proud to share with you that we have delivered 1 million shipments to our customers on time, with a success rate of 99.2% in 24 hours deliverybased on discipline, smiling and care since we started corporate cargo transportation in 2012.

As the Kargoist family, our motivation is always at the highest level thanks to the satisfaction and happy feedback we receive from our customers.

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