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kargoist (/kargo istanbul) has brought a different vision and dimension to cargo transportation with its friendly, attentive and disciplined service approach as well as the technological opportunities it offers in cargo transportation. establishing the future by combining its past experiences with today's possibilities, kargoist offers transportation solutions suitable for the needs of the constantly developing and changing world and companies, and safely transports your movables from one place to another quickly. kargoist, who provides special cargo transportation services for istanbul, reduces the operating load of companies by delivering the shipments of small, medium and large-sized companies, especially online sales sites, to the right address and in a healthy way with the private transportation fleet within its structure. customer satisfaction is essential for kargoist, who allows you to enjoy the timely delivery of your shipments to your customers. the delivery of your shipments to your customers within the time you have committed is very important for both the satisfaction of your customers and the growth of your business. cargoist, which is the corporate cargo carrier of companies, provides you with the best service with its own fleet as well as the carrier fleets of other cargo companies. thanks to the perfect operation in the service structure, you do not chase your cargo; your cargo runs after you. cargoist, which is among the cargo companies that provides quality service, may be the best cargo company you can find if you need a cargo company that offers the fastest cargo service in addition to the most affordable cargo transportation in terms of price.